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Mad Dojo is a challenging platformer game with adorable graphics that puts our young hero in the shoes of a young ninja who will have to prove his agility and make his way across large levels packed full of difficult terrain, enemies and obstacles if he hopes to impress his heartbroken Sensei and earn his daughter’s respect. There’s no time for distractions – or for taking your frustrations out on things like furniture or controllers!

Mad Dojo Walkthrough

Mad Dojo is an action-packed, obstacle-based game that deals with the idea of platforms and obstacles. The game takes you on a journey from colorful plains to harsh mountains, swinging tires to acid pools, spiked bamboo traps and more. You’ll have to keep up with this intense game which has high risks (you can die!). It’s rewarding because Mad Dojo will push your skills to their limits and make you work for those high scores!

Mad Dojo is a platforming game of skill and danger. It does not take the typical route regarding visuals whenever it tends to facilitate its players resulting in ways that are both distinct from traditional games like Super Mario, by adding level design similar to that of in Ninja Gaiden that extensively place greater risk albeit unlimited reward.

Mad Dojo Gameplay

The player must regain control from Lord Kiro, who has transformed the Mad Sensei’s students into crazed demons for his own personal gain. To succeed, you will have to evade an onslaught of traps and obstacles, as well as enormous bosses whose sole purpose seems to be killing you at every opportunity they can get within each level; some which go on for minutes until you finally manage to kill them! Will you heed the senseis call? Or will you fall victim to the impending evil?

Mad Dojo Features

  • Fast paced action
  • Use the combination of running, jumping, dashing and using weapons to pass the obstacles
  • Skill platformer with more than one way to pass each obstacle
  • Bloody traps
  • Four beautiful Japan inspired locations
  • 60 gamepad breaking levels

Mad Dojo Gameplay Screenshots

Mad Dojo

How to Install

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System Requirements

Release Date11 January 2022
Game DeveloperPhime Studio
LanguageEnglish (United States)
Memory1024 MB RAM
File Size64 Mb

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