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Dale Hardshovel HD is a puzzle game set in the pyramids of Egypt. From the swamps to deep dungeons: you are an archaeologist helping this retired explorer realize his dream of discovering ancient mysteries and uncovering artifacts. But your quest will not be easy – there are many booby traps guarding the path to these treasures!

Dale Hardshovel HD Walkthrough

Dale Hardshovel HD is a captivating new puzzle game. As an archaeologist, you will be risking your life to plunge deep into the mysteries hidden in the pyramids of ancient Egypt. In some levels, you will have to solve puzzles to avoid getting “trapped” by the booby traps!

Dale Hardshovel HD Gameplay

Dale Hardshovel HD is a game that puts you in the shoes of an Australian archaeologist looking to piece together what happened to a missing artifact, the Bloomstone. The Bloomstone is rumored to have been found in the Great Pyramid of Egypt and that it would protect whoever owned it from any harm. Each level involves solving a unique puzzle using artifacts which relate to other puzzles in levels prior, or special elements like moving platforms or teleports which change things up for your challenge.

Dale Hardshovel HD Features

  • 130 pure mind-twisting levels
  • Unique matching blocks gameplay, with various and colorful helper elements
  • Story driven quest
  • Exotic trophies for outstanding performance

Dale Hardshovel HD Gameplay Screenshots:

Dale Hardshovel HD

How to Install

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System Requirements

Release Date01 February 2022
Game DeveloperPhime Studio
LanguageEnglish (United States)
Memory1024 MB RAM
File Size56 Mb

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